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An incredible smile goes a long way in life.
Achieve your ideal smile quickly and safely with Dr. Thomas and the Poway Braces team.
We offer personalized orthodontic care with the latest technology and the highest levels of service.

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The Importance of Orthodontics

San Diego Orthodontics Orthodontic treatment may seem unnecessary in comparison to regular dental procedures; but often times, orthodontics means more than just a pretty smile. Though most people undergo smile correction at an early age, it is never too late to straighten your teeth so you can be confident in your smile. San Diego orthodontist, William […]

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Thomas did an awesome job on our daughter’s teeth using the Damon system. Her smile is gorgeous and the entire procedure was only 14 months. The office staff was wonderful & professional. I would recommend Dr. Thomas to anyone looking for an orthodontist.

Alexander BurnsPoway, CA

My son’s braces were recently removed and not only do I love his results but I love the fact he can’t stop smiling. Braces not only provided him with an amazing smile but gave him the self confidence he was needing. Thank you Dr. Thomas!

Cherly CombsSan Diego, CA

I am very pleased with the professionalism, knowledge and results that Dr. Thomas has given me. I finished in only 6 months using Invisalign for the correction for my overbite and straightening my teeth. I considered braces but to my surprise Invisaligns corrected my teeth without the pain and many extra appointments that braces would have required. I highly recommend Dr. Thomas for your orthodontics care.

Jeff SachsSan Diego, CA

Our Specialties

Damon Braces
Traditional treatment often requires appointments every 4-5 weeks, extractions, and the use of palatal expanders. Damon treatment often has appointments every 8-10 weeks, has fewer extractions and achieves more natural smiles using biologically-sensible forces specifically designed to improve overall facial aesthetic results.  Learn more here.
Invisalign® use a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable clear slip on trays that no one can tell you’re wearing. So, you can smile more during treatment as well as after. Learn more here.
Bite Correction
Among other technologies, the new smaller and improved Advansync Herbst appliance has revolutionized the way Dr. Thomas treats bites with Protruding upper teeth. Advansync is comfortable, eliminates the use of head gear, and is highly effective without the need for patient compliance or help.  Far fewer appointments are also required with this compared to head gear. Learn more here.
AcceleDent is an innovative new service offered by only a select number of orthodontists that makes it possible for adults and children to have straighter teeth in 30-50% less time than with Invisalign or braces.  Learn more here.
The Wilckodontics approach to braces allows most people to completely finish their entire orthodontic treatment in only three to eight months instead of the typical 18-24 months achieved with standard orthodontic treatment. Learn more here.
Sleep Apnea
Sleep Apnea is a disorder that affects a person’s ability to breathe naturally during sleep.  After thorough examination, Dr. Thomas will often prescribe a custom designed dental device to minimize related health issues. Learn more here.

About Us

Imagine an orthodontic office that your son or daughter looks forward to visiting. Imagine receiving the individual care and attention from your orthodontist and his professional staff that you expect and deserve. Now, imagine this office is conveniently located near your home and school, uses the latest in orthodontic technology and has a doctor  who truly cares about your comfort and well being.

Welcome to Poway Braces.

  • Comfortable family environment

    We specialize in perfecting smiles and bites of all patients regardless of age. Kids, teens and adults, we see them all. For this reason we have made our office as comfortable as possible for the whole family by providing cold refreshing drinks, fresh coffee, warm delicious chocolate chip cookies, and hot popcorn!

  • Personalized Care

    We treat you, not just your teeth. Your concerns are our concerns. Dr. Thomas limits the number of patients he treats per day so he has ample time to personally visit with each and every patient. We are committed to providing you with the personalized orthodontic care you deserve and we always do what is in the best interest of our patients!

  • Service Oriented

    Our office’s number-one priority is to exceed your expectations in our quality of care and service! For the patient, this means a convenient appointment schedule, flexible payment plans, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff with years of orthodontic experience.

  • Convenient

    At Poway Braces, we understand how valuable your time is.  We are conveniently located on Poway Road in the Poway Valley Center – right next door to the new Walgreen store on the corner of Community and Poway Road. In an effort to minimize waiting room time, we provide online Health History forms for you to print and fill out prior to your appointment.

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