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Dr. Thomas



Poway Braces Proudly Offers AcceleDent


Dr. Thomas knows that the idea of spending years or months in braces can be somewhat displeasing for a patient of any age. Dr. Thomas and the Poway Braces team proudly offer AcceleDent as a treatment option to their patients. AcceleDent is a state-of-the-art appliance that significantly reduces the time typically needed for an orthodontic appliance to align your smile.

What is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is a painless, lightweight mouthpiece attached to an electronic device that is held between your teeth and gently vibrates (known as SoftPulse technology) the teeth and gums. This device is used for 20 minutes a day while undergoing treatment with Dr. Thomas.  The vibration from the device speeds up the process of moving your teeth by stimulating bone movement. This ultimately aids the orthodontic appliance you are currently wearing, and its job to align your teeth. Using AcceleDent, teeth move 38% to 50% faster than with braces alone! AcceleDent is comfortable, safe, and can be utilized by patients of all ages.

What are the advantages of using AcceleDent?

With AcceleDent, you can achieve a perfect smile in just a fraction of the time it would take with traditional orthodontic appliances. In as little as 6 months you can obtain the smile of your dreams with Poway Braces. Have questions about AcceleDent? We would love to answer them. Your first step to achieving your new smile is scheduling a complimentary consultation with Dr. Thomas.

Call us for a complimentary consultation

Dr. Thomas is an orthodontist with expertise using AcceleDent to create the beautiful and healthy smile that you’ve always dreamt of. To learn if AcceleDent is right for you or your child, call today for a complimentary consultation (858) 748-6200, or contact us here. We can’t wait to meet you.

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Poway Braces Introduces The Clear Advantage Of Invisalign

Today, more and more individuals are deciding it’s time to do something about straightening their teeth. Without the inconvenience or embarrassment of wearing metal braces, Invisalign™ is a solution that’s making it possible for adults to achieve a beautiful smile. If you live in the county of San Diego, or the surrounding areas, you’ll be glad to know that Dr. Thomas of Poway Braces proudly provides Invisalign invisible braces. Your newly aligned smile that you’ve always dreamt of is in reach!

As an adult considering a corrective procedure, you may be curious about the positive benefits of this method of teeth straightening:

-Virtually Invisible



-No food restrictions

-Fewer visits to the orthodontist, meaning fewer interruptions of your busy schedule!

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is simple. Crafted of a plastic material that’s virtually invisible, each aligner tray is custom made to your unique needs. The aligner slips over your teeth; once your teeth have moved to the desired position, you move on to the next aligner, which is just a bit different than the last. Over time, your teeth gradually and gently shift into place, leaving you with perfectly straight teeth and your most beautiful smile ever. Dr. Thomas determines the exact movements necessary to get your teeth into the correct position. Dr. Thomas then has a series of aligners custom made just for you.

Prior to advancing teeth-straightening technologies such as Invisalign, many adults were hesitant to undergo a procedure, which could result in a more beautifully aligned smile. Today, adults are the fastest-growing segment; countless men and women are deciding it’s time to take action and do something about their crooked teeth. Dr. Thomas is here to help them achieve the desired results.

As a result of this innovative procedure, adults will enjoy:

-Greater self-confidence

-Enhanced self-esteem

-A feeling of looking more attractive than ever before

As an adult, having crooked or misaligned teeth can affect various aspects of your life. If you are single, you may feel that your smile has impacted your social or dating life. Many adults fear that their physical appearance will jeopardize work and other opportunities in life. It is an unfortunate fact in our society that so much is based on appearance, however if your smile (or lack thereof) is what’s holding you back, now you can move forward with confidence!

Dr. Thomas is an orthodontist with expertise using Invisalign to create beautiful, healthy smiles. Contact us today for a free consultation (858) 748-6200.



Did you know that Dr. Thomas is certified to use Wilckodontics? With Wilckodontics, most cases are completed in 3 to 8 months!!!

Traditional Braces Vs. Damon Braces

Did you know that traditional braces are tied with elastics, which cause friction and pressure, making treatment slower and less comfortable. Damon braces use a slide mechanism to hold the wire, which allows teeth to move freely and comfortably.

Damon Clear Braces

Why settler for the limitation of traditional clear braces or invisible aligners like Invisilign when there’s Damon Clear? With Damon Clear, people may not even realize you’re wearing braces. Other clear or so-called invisible braces have visible metal parts or elastic ties that can yellow during treatment. But tieless Damon Clear braces are more discrete and resistant to staining and discoloration all throughout treatment.

Invisible braces for your teeth

Can you see the braces on this patient? The Damon all clear braces are simply amazing! These clear braces are part of the innovative Damon System, which combine rubberband free (which discolor) braces with high technology wires that are clinically proven to move teeth fast, safe and comfortably with truly spectacular smile and facial results.

Damon Clear braces combine the best of traditional clear braces and invisible aligners to deliver a discrete treatment experience for our patients. What do you think? Can you see this patients braces?

Damon All Clear Braces

Braces in 3-6 months!!

Dr Thomas is now certified to use the technique called Wilkodontics!! In his ongoing quest to provide quality orthodontic treatment and care, Dr Thomas recently attended an intensive advanced training course taught by the inventors of the technique (Dr’s Wilcko and Wilcko) in Erie Pennsylvania.

The bottom line – what used to take 18-30 months can now be achieved in as little as 3-6 months! Who would not like to have braces over and done with in this dramatically reduced period of time??

Visit www.wilckodontics.com or come visit our office to hear more details and to see how we can complete your entire treatment in this extremely short period of time.

What is plaque?

Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on teeth and gums. Following a meal or snack, the bacteria in plaque release acids that attack tooth enamel. Repeated attacks can cause the enamel to weaken, eventually causing tooth decay. Many of the foods we eat cause plaque bacteria to produce acids. If you snack often, you could be having acid attacks all day long. Plaque that is not removed with thorough daily brushing and cleaning between teeth can eventually harden into calculus or tartar.

Plaque also produces substances that irritate the gums, making them red, tender or bleed easily. After a while, gums may pull away from the teeth. Pockets form and fill with more bacteria and pus. If the gums are not treated, the bone around the teeth can be destroyed. The teeth may become loose or have to be removed. In fact, periodontal (gum) disease is a main cause of tooth loss in adults.

One way to prevent tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease is by eating a balanced diet and limiting the number of between-meal snacks. If you need a snack, choose nutritious foods such as raw vegetables, plain yogurt, cheese or a piece of fruit.

Braces Go High Tech!

A technology which has been over 10 years in the making is taking the orthodontic field by storm. Insignia is a concept whereby a highly accurate impression of a patients teeth are scanned by a Cat Scan Machine & uploaded into a 3D computer software program.

Once scanned into the software, the teeth are aligned into an ideal fit and aesthetic positions to enhance the smile. Braces are then custom made for each specific tooth movement and correction which enhance treatment results and decreases over all treatment time.

Additionally, the software program also makes custom patient specific wires which work in conjunction with the custom braces, delivering optimal forces and positioning toward a fantastic final result. The combination of High Tech tooth positioning in 3D, custom braces, and custom wires makes for fewer appointments and a decrease in over all treatment time.

Doesn’t this sound great? Visit https://www.ormco.com/index/ormco-products-insignia and see how amazing this new technology works!