Dr. Thomas lectures on AcceleDent

Recently, Dr. Thomas was invited to give a lecture in Irvine by AcceleDent, developers of  an innovative new service offered by only a select number of orthodontists that makes it possible for adults and children to have straighter teeth in 30-50% less time than with Invisalign or braces.

Benefits include:

• You only have to wear the device 20 minutes each day

• Quicker straightening of the teeth, therefore less time in braces

• It’s painless and completely safe for children, teens, and adults

• The appliance is lightweight, and comfortable to wear

• Hands-free design allows you to wear the device while you read, play games, do homework, or watch TV

Learn more about AcceleDent here: https://www.powaybraces.com/specialties/acceledent/


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