The Importance of Orthodontics

San Diego Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment may seem unnecessary in comparison to regular dental procedures; but often times, orthodontics means more than just a pretty smile. Though most people undergo smile correction at an early age, it is never too late to straighten your teeth so you can be confident in your smile. San Diego orthodontist, William Thomas, at Poway Braces offers a variety of solutions to correct bites, smiles, and much more. Contact us today at (858) 748-6200 to set up an appointment for a consultation.

Why Orthodontic Treatment is Important

An attractive smile is about confidence, comfort, and even the freedom to express yourself without feeling self-conscious. Many people elect to have bite correction, or teeth straightening for this reason. The professionals at Poway Braces San Diego understand this, and work hard to deliver the smile you’ve always wanted.

However, the importance of orthodontic treatment reaches beyond cosmetic corrections. Teeth that are in malocclusion, or misalignment, can be difficult to clean and take care of which may lead to periodontal disease, tooth decay, and even tooth loss. Crooked teeth can also cause abnormal wear of the surface of your teeth as well as difficulty chewing, and joint or speech problems.

The staff at Poway Braces orthodontic office in San Diego, help to align your teeth and jaw, which, in turn, can ease discomfort. An misaligned jaw can lead to chronic headaches and neck pain. Not only can teeth aesthetically change with orthodontics, but an entire mouth, jaw, and facial structure can be modified for overall health benefits.

Getting Orthodontics Treatment in San Diego

Experts recommend that every child have an orthodontic check-up by the age of seven. Early intervention can help make the process easier and faster. Adults also have several options in correcting their smiles. San Diego orthodontist office, Poway Braces, specializes in:

For more information on orthodontic treatment, or if you have any questions about how these procedures can help fix your smile, please contact our expert staff today! We offer the best orthodontist in San Diego, and we can help you towards a healthier mouth and a more beautiful smile!

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