No Down Payment

When I meet new people, I often hear “I’d love to straighten my teeth but it’s just too expensive.” Of course, I follow up with “Have you seen an orthodontist (me) for a consultation?” and the answer is invariably, “No, I just know braces are expensive.”

Unless you have a thorough exam by a certified Orthodontist, you really don’t know what a beautiful smile will cost. Orthodontic treatment is generally priced according to the difficulty of the particular case. Today, I am able to treat the vast majority of my patients in LESS THAN 2 years with beautiful results. My opinion is that ALMOST EVERYONE can afford braces, it’s just how they choose to spend their disposable income. A family trip to Disneyland or a lifetime of beautiful smiles? I also hear “I can afford the monthly payments but the down payment for the braces is just too much.”

In response to that thought I’d like to tell you how our office is working with families during this recession. First is our willingness to lower the down payment to something you CAN afford. Another option is Chase Health Advance or Care Credit Financing. Both of these options have interest free financing and no down payment options. I truly believe if you want a beautiful smile there is a way to afford it. Ask us, we will be happy to help you get on your way to your dream smile.
Dr Bill Thomas