Comforts of home

Comforts of home for our patients and their families

Comforts of home for our patients and their families

Did you know it is totally fine to eat chocolate chip cookies with braces?? At Powaybraces we not only like the idea, we bake them fresh and hot right in our office for patients and their families to enjoy.

Like the idea, we love it! Add to that a refrigerator filled with ice cold water & milk, and you have yourself a terrific way to spend time at the orthodontist.

Dr. Thomas and his team create an environment where braces, fun, and great food enhance your experience and your visit with us as fun as possible! Movie Night Dec 5th!

Poway Braces Movie Night

Poway Braces Movie Night

A friendly reminder about our Poway Ultra Star Cinema Movie night!! Join us on Saturday December 5th, at 7pm. Dr Thomas & his team have rented out an entire movie theater for the wonderful families who come to our practice. This is our way of saying thank you for your support, friendship, and trust in taking care of your Orthodontic needs.

We sincerely value & thank you for your support. Tickets are to be picked up at our office at 13376 Poway Road

Included with the movie night is one drink along with a bag of popcorn. All of Dr Thomas’ team is really excited to share Jim Carry’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ and have a great time. We hope to see you there!

Continuing Education

Dr William Thomas

Dr William Thomas

Continuing education is critical for an Orthodontist – our field is advancing at an incredible pace today. 3D CT imaging is allowing us to see problems like never before. Dr Thomas is in Philadelphia attending a 4 day continuing education meeting – MASO.  Yesterday, a terrific presentation on 3D imaging specific to Orthodontics was given with future and current implications detailed.

Specific problems are best viewed in 3D to help determine the best treatment option. Occasionally teeth appear fine – but when viewed in 3D CT imaging, one can see where the tooth’s root has been dissolved – sometimes to the point where its prognosis is very poor.

Our office requires a 3D CT (cone beam CT) on any patient where a more detailed image is needed to help us made the best treatment decision possible.

Guest Speaker: Scarlett Thomas

It’s exciting to be invited to speak before hundreds of fellow colleges and team members – Our very own Scarlett Thomas, treatment coordinator, office manager, and president of Orthodontic Management Solutions, is lecturing to the Middle Atlantic Orthodontic Association (MASO) in Atlantic City New Jersey.

New Blog Location

All of us at Dr. Thomas’ orthodontic practice are excited to announce our new online Blog (posted directly on our web site)! Powaybraces is dedicated to the highest quality orthodontic treatment in a caring enviornment where customer service truly matters.