Dr. Thomas is always seeking new and improved ways to make the treatment and care of the patient better, and faster. One way he does this is by prescribing AcceleDent.

What is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is an innovative new service offered by only a select number of orthodontists that makes it possible for adults and children to have straighter teeth in 30-50% less time than with Invisalign or braces. Traditional braces and Invisalign work to straighten the teeth using constant pressure that over time moves the teeth into their new position. By contrast, the AcceleDent device supplements the work of braces with a mouthpiece attached to an electronic device that gently vibrates the teeth and gums for around 20 minutes a day. This vibration, also called SoftPulse technology™, speeds the process of moving the teeth by providing enhanced force to help the braces do their job in less time.

Key Benefits of AcceleDent

AcceleDent is a FDA-cleared, Class II medical device proven to be safe and effective. Orthodontists recommending the device to patients have seen a remarkable acceleration of the time required for patients to reach their ideal smile. In fact, since its market release in 2009, clinical evidence has been building that AcceleDent speeds tooth movement by as much as 50%.

Get your smile sooner!

Additional benefits include:

• You only have to wear the device 20 minutes each day

• Quicker straightening of the teeth, therefore less time in braces

• It’s painless and completely safe for children, teens, and adults

• The appliance is lightweight, and comfortable to wear

• Hands-free design allows you to wear the device while you read, play

games, do homework, or watch TV